The colorizer module

The colorizer module contains a Colorizer class which can generate ANSI colored strings:

var colorizer = require('colorizer').create('Colorizer');
console.log(colorizer.colorize("Hello World", "INFO"));

Though most of the times you will use it transparently using the Casper.echo() method:

casper.echo('an informative message', 'INFO'); // printed in green
casper.echo('an error message', 'ERROR');      // printed in red

Skipping CasperJS styling operations

If you wish to skip the whole coloration operation and get uncolored plain text, just set the colorizerType casper option to Dummy:

var casper = require('casper').create({
    colorizerType: 'Dummy'

casper.echo("Hello", "INFO");


That’s especially useful if you’re using CasperJS on the Windows platform, as there’s no support for colored output on this platform.

Available predefined styles

Available predefined styles are:

  • ERROR: white text on red background
  • INFO: green text
  • TRACE: green text
  • PARAMETER: cyan text
  • COMMENT: yellow text
  • WARNING: red text
  • GREEN_BAR: white text on green background
  • RED_BAR: white text on red background
  • INFO_BAR: cyan text
  • WARN_BAR: white text on orange background

Here’s a sample output of what it can look like:



Signature: colorize(String text, String styleName)

Computes a colored version of the provided text string using a given predefined style:

var colorizer = require('colorizer').create();
console.log(colorizer.colorize("I'm a red error", "ERROR"));


Most of the time you won’t have to use a Colorizer instance directly as CasperJS provides all the necessary methods.

See the list of the predefined styles available.


Signature: format(String text, Object style)

Formats a text string using the provided style definition. A style definition is a standard javascript Object instance which can define the following properties:

  • String bg: background color name
  • String fg: foreground color name
  • Boolean bold: apply bold formatting
  • Boolean underscore: apply underline formatting
  • Boolean blink: apply blink formatting
  • Boolean reverse: apply reverse formatting
  • Boolean conceal: apply conceal formatting


Available color names are black, red, green, yellow, blue, magenta, cyan and white:

var colorizer = require('colorizer').create();
colorizer.format("We all live in a yellow submarine", {
    bg:   'yellow',
    fg:   'blue',
    bold: true